Thursday Quotes

We haven’t mentioned Steve Sawyer yet, or Retro Magazine, but Mike brought Steve to GameGavel as a writer, and together they tried to build the site’s reach and content.

It wasn’t all happy families though.

Steve had been writing content elsewhere and Mike brought had him on board. Steve was full of ideas for how to grow the GameGavel community and what other projects they could work on together.

One of Steve’s ideas was to create a magazine, GameGavel Monthly, and they released two copies of it and made them available for sale on GameGavel, priced at $2. This would later become Retro Magazine, but by that time, Steve would no longer be involved. Mike would claim that Steve had never been involved with the magazine idea and had only written some minor articles for it.

Scott Schreiber remembers it very differently though:

If there was a take away, it was that Steve and Mike were without a doubt co-creators of whatever this publishing venture was to become, and Steve was every much a part of this as Mike was, and seemingly the greater contributor as he was punching up Mike’s ideas into something greater than Mike had originally imagined.
Scott Schreiber

We will hear from Steve next week, but as the first Retro Magazine Kickstarter proceeded, Scott noticed Steve’s absence and questioned Mike about it, as did Steve, but Mike assured Steve:

Dude, you’re still going to have a stake, this is still our thing. It’s just going to be better. That’s all.
Mike Kennedy

We will see what Steve had to say next week, and of course you can read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors.

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