Thursday Quotes

Mike Kennedy started a few auction sites to take on the mighty eBay and he tried several different names and rebrands. His sites were mainly aimed at the video game market but there were others too.

Mike created several new sites and rebranded his existing sites several times as he tried to gain some traction in the online auction market to take on the might of eBay, and his sites included Chasing The Chuckwagon, Chase The Chuckwagon, Vendazzle and GameGavel of course.

As he tried to come up with new names, some better than others, his audience and members made some suggestions:

I had people say I should have named the site GameBay. I still laugh at that one.

Mike Kennedy

The intention, of course, was to make his online presence a full time career and leave his job in sales. The thinking behind his plan was clearly laid out in his statement:

If I could just get 10% of that eBay market, man, then I’m off to the races.

Mike Kennedy

Off to the races or not, Mike went from idea to idea as he tried to build his retro empire, shotgunning ideas rather than sticking with one good one. COntrary to popular belief, he did have some good ones, he just didn’t realise it at the time. You can see how it all turned out in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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