Thursday Quotes

Welcome back to Thursday Quotes where we take a weekly look at some of the pertinent quotes in the book “Smoke And Mirrors.”

Mike Kennedy made no secret of the fact that he wanted to turn his hobby into a career and make a living from video games in some way.

He was hoping to become a well-known figure in the community and, if things went well, he would be mentioned in the same breath as some of his heroes.

Many of those heroes that he wanted to emulate, he had met and interviewed on the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast of course.

Mike had various plans in play to make this happen and the book goes into them all and looks at their comparative hits and misses.

Whether he had the skills to pull it off or not, Mike set out with good intentions as he strove to build his retro empire and “corner the market on retro” and you can find out how that went in the book.

Mike didn’t suddenly emerge out of nowhere and explode onto the video game scene and try to bring a game console to market, he had many other projects along the way, some with more usccess than others.

Most of his attempts he would try and promote on Retro Gaming Roundup and AtariAge of course, and some were annoyed by what seemed like a constant stream of sales pitches, rather than valuable contributions to community discussions on the forums.

Mike was a trier though, and he pushed ahead with his plan, but could he make it happen?

I just want to quit my day job and work in gaming, as an ideas man.
Mike Kennedy

A bold statement of intention and during the early days [people wished him luck as he tried to build his own community around his projects. Unfortunately, not all his ideas struck a chord.

I’m almost certain half of his ideas were birthed like Athena from the head of Zeus, but from Mike hitting his head falling off a toilet drunk on wine while reading one of his wife’s women’s lifestyle magazines.
Mark Kaminski


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