Thursday Quotes

We looked at the friction that the appointment of Brandon Justice caused among magazine staff earlier, but he would also try and influence events outside of the magazine too.

As the three hosts of Retro Gaming Roundup were running Classic Gaming Expo 2014 in Las Vegas, Mike was desperate to use it as a vehicle to promote his magazine, of course Brandon was enthusiastic too, going so far as to tell Mike that they could make it their expo.

Mike had Brandon primed on Skype, ready to bring him in to a call among the show managers, but Scott would continue to disconnect him each time, later telling Mike:

Brandon Justice is not, in any capacity, a member of this organization and no internal CGE business is to be shown to him ever.
Scott Schreiber

Mike argued that Brandon had lots of ideas on running the show and including Retro in the organisation and promotion of it.

Scott was adamant though, he did not need or want him onvolved.

I don’t need ideas I’ve got plenty of my own. I knew if he let this camel’s nose under the tent we were going to have the camel in the tent and it was never going to go well. It was never going to stop. No, not gonna happen.
Scott Schreiber

Eventually Mike relented and did not try to introduce Brandon to the proceedings again.

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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.