Thursday Quotes

Retro Magazine was the first sign for Mike’s Retro Gaming Roundup co-hosts that there may be problems ahead.

Scott, UKMike and Mike Kennedy had started Retro Gaming Roundup together and Mike had started various websites along the way to try and build his gaming empire, GameGavel, GamerSpots and GamerPoll to name just three, but they had always run happily alongside the show and not taken up too much of Mike’s time and focus.

That was all about to change with arrival of Retro Magazine, and in particular his appointment of new staff that he expected his co-hosts to answer to, the first of those was Brandon Justice.

Justice was brought in with a job to do, as well as replace Steve Sawyer, but he did not get off to a great start and many put down then slipping schedule of the magazine down to him and his work ethic, or lack of it.

Mark Kaminski, of course, was not happy as he fought his corner and questioned his position within the magazine organisation:

I’m not backing down. I didn’t start this magazine to give up my voice to Brandon. Good luck to you, please send me my shares.
Mark Kaminski

Brandon ruffled a few more feathers before his own removal and one of those he got on the wrong side of was Scott, who already had an agreement with Mike about what he would be writing for the magazine. Brandon tried to change this, a situation created by Mike’s reluctance to confront the problem before it started, having promised different things to different people as the situation suited.

Trying to see it from Brandon’s side he calls this guy up to give an assignment and gets told to go #### himself!
Scott Schreiber

You can read all this and more in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course, and don’t forget to check out our series of Monday Memes.