Thursday Quotes

Steve Sawyer returns this week to show the strength of feeling he had towards the project that Mike stole from under him.

As we saw last week, Steve and Mike discussed the idea of producing a magazine and Mike would later take that idea and run with it, cutting Steve out of any involvement, the classic Kennedy Business Model.

At first, Steve was confident in Mike’s ability as a salesman and his ability to talk himself both into and out of a situation.

He is a very good salesman and he can definitely get you amped up for all kinds of things.
Steve Sawyer

Scott Schreiber and Mike James also experienced Mike’s sales patter many times and saw through it, dealing with Mike accordingly, and Steve would find out, only too late, what Mike was up to as he was excluded from the Retro Magazine Kickstarter campaign.

I made that magazine because I thought you could breathe better life into an idea that I had than I could. And you did.
I just didn’t expect you to yank everything away from me like you did. And you know you did.
You gave it to one of the most mistrusted names in this industry, and along every step of the way you tried to make me like it.
Steve Sawyer

Steve did not go quietly and was a thorn in Mike’s side, including making death threats that the Police investigated, but Mike soldiered on and forged ahead without Steve, paying him for one article before he walked away


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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.