Monday Meme

As Mike Kennedy tried to bring his console project to market, there were many who were questioning the endless stream of 3D rendered images and promotional posts, but the complete of any substance and hardware information.

Pretty soon Mike lashed out at them and referred to them as Haters and Trolls.

Mike was talking about the many colours that the system would be available in and what would be included in the box, some of the games that he wanted to launch and even the price point, though it changed several times of course.

What was missing from this flood of promotional information was any detail about the hardware that future would-be crowd funding backers would actually receive. The system’s intended abilites and the games it would play were everywhere, but what was inside it?

Mike, by his own admission, reacted badly to any criticism and constantly deleted negative comments from the Facebook page and took to the AtariAge forums to label his critics as Haters and Trolls.

This was of course the subject of several memes.

One member even went so far as to produce some physical badges that other members received and wore happily. The badge below features the character from one of Mike’s favourite Atari games, Kaboom!

Hater Brigade or not, Mike’s scam was revealed by his critics who knew that he had nothing to show.


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You can read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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