Monday Meme

On February 13th 2016, Mike Kennedy took his Coleco Chameleon Prototype to the premier event in the toy industry calendar, the New York Toy Fair.

Present were some fo the biggest toy companies in the world, looking for the next big thing, did Mike have it?

The New York Toy Fair is the same venue that Atari had tried to garner interest in their home version of the arcade game Pong, before going back to Sears to bring it to market, but Mike was hoping for more success than they had enjoyed there.

Mike was exhibiting the Chameleon prototype in the Coleco booth and was telling the world that he had a genuine prototype that his engineer had built. It was far from that.

To see the evidence, you can read Smoke and Mirrors of course, but what Mike had was a Super Nintendo Jr motherboard inside a black Jaguar shell.

It wasn’t long before the memes followed. This one imitating the Intel advertising campaign.

Below is a Super Nintendo Jr and an Atari Jaguar of course, the tagline was irresistable.

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You can read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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