Monday Meme

Welcome back to Monday Memes.

This time we’re going under the bus.

As the GameGavel Network grew, and Mike added various sites and services under its umbrella, he would get skills, ideas, technical terms and laboour form those whose who were contributing, or those whose idea he was brigning to fruition.

These skills, ideas and work would either be unpaid until such a time as the business could afford to pay for it, or they were exchanged for shares in the company that would one day hold massive value. The valuation of these shares is an interesting part of the Mike Kennedy Business Model (as explained by Scott) and they would range from holding incredible potential value as the idea was being transformed into a product, to being worthless when you were no longer a part of the project and Mike needed to buy them back.

In the case of Retro magazine, Mark Kaminski was given shares that he was promised held incredible potential value, yet at the end of his tenure, they had decreased in their worth. This is in spite of there now being a brand, an intellectual property, a trademark, inventory, assets and a customer base.

Contributors to Mike’s various projects, the people who brought their ideas to him and of course his long line of hardware engineers, were all discarded along the way, and the phrase “thrown under the bus” gained traction. It became so crowded under the bus by the end that there were more people udner it than on it.

Naturally, the memes followed.

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Of course, you can also read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors.

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