Apr 2011
Mike launches GamerSpots

Nov 20 1969Mike Kennedy born in Omaha, Nebraska
1972Al Alcorn creates the arcade game Pong
1974Atari finish developing their home Pong console
1975Sears start selling their Pong home console
1977Mike meets Tricia Schroer
1980Mike starts using High School computers (TRS 80s)
1983Video game Chase The Chuckwagon released by mail order
Oct 7 1983Red Sea Crossing for Atari VCS advertised in Christianity Today
Jul 1 1987Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events released on Atari VCS
1988Mike graduates from Millard South High School
1989Mike attends Creighton University
1991Mike attends University Of Nebraska
Aug 14 1991John Carlsen co-founds Iguana Entertainment in Sunnyvale, California
Dec 26 1992Mike and Tricia marry
1994After playing Donkey Kong Country, Mike buys a Super Nintendo
1997Mike begins using eBay
Aug 1998Retro Gaming Radio launches
1999Mike and Tricia move to Southern California
2002Mike buys his first arcade game, Venture by Exidy, 1981
Jul 2005Mike starts work at Creform Corporation
2007Red Sea Crossing for Atari VCS discovered at a garage sale
Aug 24 2007Mike meets Shane R. Monroe at Classic Gaming Expo 2007
Feb 1 2008GameGavel launched by its original owner
Mar 24 2008Mike launches Chase The Chuckwagon
2008Mike's Chase The Chuckwagon segment launches on Retro Gaming Radio
Mar 16 2008Shane R. Monroe starts his Car Talk Podcast (Later renamed to Passenger Seat Radio)
Jun 6 2008Chase The Chuckwagon reaches 400 members
2008Mike buys Retro Arcade Radio from Peter Hirschberg
Aug 2008Retro Gaming Radio ends its run
Dec 9 2008Mike launches Vendazzle.com
Jan 5 2009Mike James joins the GameGavel Forums
Jan 28 2009First recording session of Retro Gaming Roundup (Top Ten Arcade Ports)
Feb 15 2009Retro Gaming Roundup launches its first episode
Aug 2009Mike tries to sell Vendazzle.com
Oct 24 2009Chase The Chuckwagon rebrands as GameGavel
2009Steve Sawyer joins GameGavel as a writer
Jan 3 2010Mike becomes a drunken Podcaster (Drunken MULE)
Aug 1 2010Deaf CD Thief steals the CDS at CGE 2010
Sep 9 2010Retro Gaming Roundup interview with Ted Dabney recorded
Oct 2 2010Mike Kennedy drunkenly posts about the Ted Dabney interview
Oct 7 2010Ted Dabney interview airs in RoundUp 24
Oct 20 2010Mike registers GameGavel LLC 201029410278
Jan 22 2011Retro Gaming Roundup do their first Live News broadcast
Apr 2011Mike launches GamerSpots
Jun 6 2011Scott Schreiber, Steve Sawyer and Mike attend E3 together
Jun 18 2011Emergency Gaming Convention in Las Vegas
Aug 28 2011Retro Gaming Radio makes a comeback as a web based show
Aug 2011Mike launches Postal/Parcel Gamer
Jun 4 2012Mike launches EK Gaming
Aug 9 2012Retro Gaming Roundup hosts meet in person and prank Mike Kennedy
Aug 11 2012Classic Gaming Expo 2012
Aug 29 2012Red Sea Crossing for Atari VCS listed on GameGavel at $100
Sep 9 2012Red Sea Crossing for Atari VCS sells on GameGavel for $10,400
Dec 10 2012Adrian Killens begins a retro console thread in the Retro Gaming Roundup Forums
Jun 11 2013Mike sees Indie games at E3 and revives the console idea with Steve Woita
Apr 30 2013Retro Gaming Radio ends its brief comeback as a web based show
Sep 2013Mark Kaminski buys the GameGavel Pamphlet and offers his help
Sep 2013The name Retro Magazine is decided on by Mike
Oct 1 2013Mark Kaminski has his arrangement formalised at Retro Magazine
Oct 1 2013Mark's appointment at Retro is made official
Oct 5 2013Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2013
Oct 5 2013Retro Year 1 Kickstarter campaign launches
Oct 12 2013Mike registers readretro.com
Oct 29 2013Debbie Gibson retweets Retro magazine Kickstarter
Oct 2013Mike hires Brandon Justice
Nov 4 2013Retro Year 1 Kickstarter campaign ends successfully
Dec 2013Mike and William Culver start the ColecoVisions Podcast
Dec 2013Scott and Mike James challenge Mike Kennedy about abuse of their social media feeds
Jan 2014Paul Wylie joins Retro Magazine
Sep 3 2014Mike asks for Willie Culver to be removed from any magazine credits
Sep 25 2014Retro Gaming Roundup meeting to address Mike's commitment to the podcast
Sep 28 2014Surf Dogs
Oct 3 2014Retro Gaming Roundup hosts meet in person and prank Mike Kennedy
Oct 12 2014Classic Gaming Expo 2014
2014Discussions begin about the Back In Time Console
Sep 29 2014Mike registers Retroaction Entertainment Inc C3715468
Nov 2014Daniel Kayser replaces Brandon Justice at Retro Magazine
Nov 17 2014Mike calls Clay Cowgill for the first time
Dec 1 2014Clay sends Mike some sample console hardware designs
Dec 19 2014Clay will no longer work on designs without payment
Feb 20 2015Mark Kaminski negotiates his financial involvement with Retro
Feb 26 2015Konami ask Mike not to talk about them in public
Feb 27 2015Clay ends his involvement with Mike
Mar 2015John Carlsen joins the console team
Mar 20 2015Mike registers shopreadretro.com
Mar 22 2015Mike lets slip about his "hardware team"
Apr 6 2015Mike seeks GameGavel LLC members consent to change the company details
Apr 11 2015Mark Kaminski fired from Retro magazine
Apr 11 2015Mike tries to strong arm Mark into turning over his magazine templates
Apr 15 2015Sean Robinson contacts Scott on FB messenger RE Mike Kennedy
May 20 2015Retroaction Entertainment Kickstarter goes live
May 30 2015Mike talks about Konami again on The Retro League Podcast
Jun 16 2015Mike tells Eli at E3 that the console will be $300
Jul 4 2015Retroaction Entertainment Kickstarter fails
Aug 16 2015Mike seeks to amend the Articles of Organization for GameGavel
Aug 29 2015Collectorvision and Retro VGS team meet at Game On expo
Aug 29 2015Retro VGS Panel at Game On Expo
Sep 8 2015Mike registers Retro Entertainment Technology Inc C3823713
Sep 13 2015Retro VGS Team interview on Retro Gaming Roundup
Sep 19 2015Retro VGS Indiegogo campaign starts
Sep 25 2015Gamester81 releases the Retro VGS Interview Video
Sep 25 2015John Carlsen releases the Retro VGS Lab Video
Sep 27 2015Retro VGS Team interviewed by Retro Gaming Magazine
Sep 28 2015John Carlsen resigns quietly from the Retro VGS team
Sep 29 2015Retro VGS team try unsuccessfully to end the Indiegogo campaign
Sep 29 2015Mike resigns from Retro Gaming Roundup
Sep 29 2015Mike resigns from the ColecoVisions Podcast
Sep 29 2015Mike goes back on his word and announces John Carlsen's departure
Sep 30 2015John Carlsen deletes his YouTube channel
Oct 31 2015Mike James attends Scott's Halloween Arcade Party
Nov 4 2015Retro VGS Indiegogo Campaign ends unsuccessfully
Nov 11 2015Sean introduces Brian Barnhart to Mike at SC3 and Mike gives Brian a clear Jaguar shell
Nov 16 2015Brian and Mike shoot the Ruiner Pinball Jag Bar episode
Nov 17 2015Mike asks Brian to remove any mention of the new console from the episode
Dec 3 2015Brian sends Mike the final cut of Ruiner Pinball episode for approval
Dec 6 2015Mike emails Brian to ask him not to use any footage of them discussing the console
Dec 17 2015Mike announces his licensing of the Coleco name
Dec 17 2015Brian texts Mike to congratulate him on acquiring the Coleco branding
Dec 23 2015Mike proposes a Christmas truce on Atari Age
Dec 23 2015Mike claims to be funding the next prototype out of pocket
Dec 24 2015Mike addresses Carl Williams and posts his private Konami emails
Jan 4 2016Mike falsely claims to have been fired from Retro Gaming Roundup
Jan 8 2016Mike gives Sean a cheque for $2,500 - Hardware Design
Jan 19 2016Mike texts Brian about shooting the Kickstarter video at the Jag Bar
Jan 21 2016Mike gives Sean a cheque for $1,500 - Prototyping
Jan 30 2016Mike emails Brian asking him to grab footage of Intellivision and Colecovision games
Feb 3 2016Brian texts Mike to remind him to send the Kickstarter video script
Feb 4 2016Brian texts Mike to ask what inputs are needed for the TV used in the shoot
Feb 4 2016Mike emails Brian the Coleco Chameleon Kickstarter video script
Feb 4 2016Mike getting worried about the lack of a prototype for the New York Toy Fair
Feb 5 2016Mike emails to introduce Brian to Gamester81
Feb 5 2016Mike sends Brian some music to use in the video, written by Nurmix
Feb 5 2016Mike asks Brian to record the voice over parts of the video
Feb 5 2016Mike texts Brian for his address to come over and shoot the video
Feb 5 2016Mike texts Brian to cancel video shoot for that day
Feb 6 2016Mike texts Brian to ask if the voice overs are done
Feb 9 2016Brian texts Mike, exited about the upcomng New York Toy Fair
Feb 9 2016Mike replies: So far so good hope to get demo unit tomorrow. Sweating
Feb 12 2016Mike posts a picture of his prototype running Sydney Hunter before leaving for New York
Feb 12 2016John Lester shares the prototype photo running Sydney Hunter
Feb 12 2016Collectorvision posts picture of prototype running Sydney Hunter on their Facebook page
Feb 13 2016Scott offers to sell back his shares in GameGavel/Retro in exchange for a Stunt Pilot arcade game delivered to his door
Feb 13 2016Facebook announcement that the Coleco Chameleon Kickstarter campaign will begin Friday, February 26, 2016
Feb 13 2016New York Toy Fair begins
Feb 13 2016Toy Fair Prototype cartridge identified as a SD2SNES
Feb 16 2016Mike tells Brian he wants a professional to do the video
Feb 16 2016Brian tells Mike he is a professional
Feb 16 2016Mike texts Brian they should talk tomorrow but he still wants him to do the video
Feb 17 2016Mike texts Brian to set up the shoot again
Feb 18 2016Mike announces that he has licenses for 300 Atari Games
Feb 19 2016Brian stalling for time after seeing that the Toy Fair prototype is exposed as a SNES Jr
Feb 19 2016Mike texts Brian to see if he can come to the Jag Bar to record his voice overs
Feb 19 2016Brian calls Mike and calls him out over the SNES Jr and tells him that he needs help
Feb 19 2016Mike appears on the Sega Nerds podcast and reiterates the story that it was not a SNESinaJag
Feb 20 2016Talk RETRO podcast with Daniel Kayser saying that it was not a SNESinaJag
Feb 23 2016Sean wants the Kickstarter Cartridge menu from Piko Interactive
Feb 24 2016Piko Interactive are given the pack-in game
Feb 25 2016Collectorvision are out of the project if they don't get the pack-in game
Feb 25 2016Collectorvision are given the pack-in game
Feb 25 2016Eli makes certain demands of Mike and asks him to step down
Feb 26 2016Coleco Chameleon announcement that it will no longer need Kickstarter
Feb 26 2016Coleco Chameleon announcement that the Kickstarter has been delayed to make it better
Feb 26 2016Mike posts pictures of his latest prototype showing the menu provided by Piko Interactive
Feb 28 2016Mike asks Eli to abide by his NDA in interviews
Feb 28 2016Eli tells Mike there is no prototype to be covered by an NDA
Feb 29 2016Mike gives Sean a cheque for $3,000 - Product Development
Mar 1 2016Ben Heck posts his thoughts about the wisdom of the console project
Mar 1 2016DVR Capture card is identified by 5-11under on AtariAge
Mar 1 2016Mike Kennedy denies any knowledge of the DVR Capture card pictures being taken down
Mar 1 2016Collectorvision distance themselves from the Coleco Chameleon
Mar 1 2016Brian speaks out about the Coleco Chameleon launch video and posts the script
Mar 2 2016Coleco give Mike 7 days to submit his prototypes for inspection
Mar 3 2016David Giltinan resigns from Retro Magazine
Mar 3 2016Patrick Scott Patterson resigns from Retro Magazine
Mar 4 2016Steve Sawyer interviewed on YouTube by Eric Bailey
Mar 4 2016Piko Interactive (Lawyers And Showers) Interview on Retro Gaming Roundup 99
Mar 4 2016Gamester81 deletes the Retro VGS Interview Video
Mar 4 2016Gamester81 posts a video - Coleco Chameleon: My Thoughts
Mar 6 2016Chris Cardillo Interview on Colecovisions podcast
Mar 7 2016John Carlsen interview with Retro Gaming Magazine
Mar 8 2016Coleco pull the plug on the Chameleon license
Mar 8 2016Atari announce they have never had an agreement to license Atari VCS games to Mike
Mar 9 2016Pat the NES Punk calls out lazy journalism
Mar 16 2016Gamester 81 video - Coleco Chameleon Follow Up
Apr 5 2016Albert purchases the molds from Mike
Apr 5 2016Mike posts his wall of text denial on AtariAge
Apr 5 2016Clay Cowgill rebutts Mikes version of events on AtariAge
Apr 6 2016Pictures of the cheques are taken down
Apr 6 2016Mike unfriends Clay Cowgill on Facebook
Apr 6 2016Mike reposts the pictures of the cheques
Oct 21 2016Portland Retro Gaming Expo
Jan 2017Sean tells Brian that he has working prototypes and did not create the SNESinaJag
Mar 3 2017Mike posts a picture of his lounge with a SNES Jr under the TV
Apr 18 2017Mike tries to sell GameGavel/Retro to Mark or Eli
May 7 2017Eli uses the distribution list to send out an email
May 8 2017Eli apologises for the email
May 16 2017Mike sells GameGavel/Retro to Eli for $10,000
May 30 2017Eli offers to license the Retro name to Mark Kaminski
Jun 5 2017Willie finds Mike had sold some of his games on eBay
Jun 15 2017Mike refunds the buyers of Willie's games
Aug 6 2017Coleco Expo fails miserably

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