Thursday Quotes

Steve Sawyer makes an appearance this week with a couple of quotes about his idea for GameGavel Monthly, which would later become Retro Magazine, only he would be excluded during the Kickstarter.

Steve and Mike planned their magazine during E3 2011 and threw ideas around, before they finally produced little more than a pamphlet to sell on GameGavel.

When it came time to take the magazine idea forward, Steve was sidelined in the Mike Kennedy way and excluded from any involvement, other than writing an article, falling victim to the Mike Kennedy business model which was in full flow.

Of course, Mike denied Steve’s involvement and explained it away, but Steve saw it very differently:

If anything, this is my mag I created this. I came up with this idea. You took this idea. Just because you raised all this money and you did this and that, doesn’t mean that I’m not entitled to some kind of credit.
Steve Sawyer

Mike moved forward without Steve, and while Steve was vocal, Mike forged ahead without him.

I worked my ass off for you for years and kept loyal hoping that one day you would see an opportunity fitted for me and remember all the stuff I did for you.
Steve Sawyer

Of course, we will see how Mike repeated this pattern with his other ventures later on, so stay tuned.


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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.