Thursday Quotes

Mike’s light hearted side would often come out during podcast recording sessions, and nothing displayed that more than his penchant for coming out with funny lines without thinking first.

During recording sessions for Retro Gaming Roundup, Mike would often speak before putting his brain into gear, and before he realised what he was saying, it was too late. Sometimes this would be a ridiculous idea for a Kickstarter:

Let’s do a Kickstarter!

Often though, Mike would come out with a line that suggested he was homosexual. He wasn’t, but reading some of his quotes below, you would be forgiven for thinking that he was and of course he played up to it for the show.

Listening to the audio of these quotes, it is clear that Mike doesn’t do this on purpose, he just blurted out whatever sentence came to mind, only realising too late what he had said.

Talking about the multiball feature of pinballs:

I just love the balls knocking together.
Mike Kennedy

Trading games on Craigslist:

I’ve got a guy that I’m going to give it to later and when we’re done I’m going to meet him and give it to him.
Mike Kennedy

About to pull a sneaky move in the game Planet MULE:

I’m gonna jack you guys off.
Mike Kennedy

Talking about the arcade game Thunderblade by Sega with its great control stick:

Having that thing coming up between your legs like a snake.
Mike Kennedy

Tricia would watch Mike and his friend, Mike, play games together:

She would sit there on the sofa and watch Mike and I go at it.
Mike Kennedy

Talking about the episode length of the Retro Gaming Roundup Podcast:

Don’t be put off by the length. Work your way up and you’ll be able to handle it.
Mike Kennedy

Describing a John Madden Football game:

It plays this kick ass slow-mo of this guy ramming your ass and taking you down.
Mike Kennedy

On the fun of playing multi player video games and winning:

It was kind of fun to screw the guy you’re playing with.
Mike Kennedy

Describing eating a hard boiled sweet:

You’re sucking and sucking and sucking and the thing gets really sharp.
Mike Kennedy

Placing one of his picks during a Top Ten Debate on Retro Gaming Roundup:

Let me tell you guys where I want it first.
Mike Kennedy

Describing the 1980 four player arcade game Warlords by Atari:

Watching four guys go it. Oh Jesus!
Mike Kennedy


You can read about all of these quotes and many more in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course and don’t forget to check out our series of Monday Memes.