Thursday Quotes

Mike Kennedy started out on his retro empire journey as a happy go lucky gamer.

Soon it all began to change though.

In the early days of his podcasting with Retro Gaming Radio and later on Retro Gaming Roundup, Mike just wanted to play games, talk about games with his friends and have fun enjoying his hobby.

It started very early for Mike with his love of the Atari 2600 and its now primitive looking games. One of his all time favourites was a game called Kaboom written and published in 1981 by Activision, one of his favourite video game publishers. He recalls seeing the game for the first time in his local grocery store in its distinctive pink packaging, and knowing that he was getting an Atari 2600 for Christmas, he wanted the game before he even had his console.

I begged my Mom to ask the guy behind the counter if I could take a look at the hot pink box.
Mike Kennedy

His Mon conceded and bought it for him, which meant that Mike would sneak it out of the house and take it to his friend’s house so they could play it. Mike loved the game so much that he would later use the name “Kaboomer” on various video game Internet forums.

Another of Mike’s favourite games was M.U.L.E. from Ozark Softscape in 1983 and he had the idea to play an online version of the game, Planet MULE, with his Retro Gaming Roundup co-hosts Scott Schreiber and Mike James for an episode of Retro Gaming Roundup called Drunken MULE in 2010.

During this drunken episode, the hosts discussed many topics, not all game related, while getting steadily more drunk before Mike came out with the line:

I’m the packer. I’m always the packer.
Mike Kennedy

Eventually they had to take a break as Mike was a little worse for wear and his wife Tricia explained to his co-hosts that he had gone to the bathroom:

His eyes were red, his face was red and he said he was ready to puke!
Tricia Kennedy

The episode is one of the many instances of MIke being an integral part of the podcast before he began trying to build his retro empire that would forever damage his relationship with his co-hosts and friends.


You can read all about the rise and fall of Mike Kennedy in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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