Thursday Quotes

Here’s another entry in our collection of Thursday Quotes, and this time we look at Mike’s auction sites.

Many people think that Mike’s first attempt was GameGavel, but it wasn’t, that was his third attempt at taking on the mighty eBay.

Mike’s first attempt at a video game auction site was called Chase The Chuckwagon.

The name comes from a video game for the Atari VCS (also known as the Atari 2600) and it is one of its rarest games. The reason it is rare is that it had to be ordered through the mail by sending coupons from a range of dog food  made by Purina.

The hunt for this rare game, Chase The Chuckwagon, inspired Mike’s hunt for rare video game items at the California swap meets and he needed an online market place on which to sell them, hence the birth of his first auction site.

The early signs were good as he started to attract members.

I feel we are approaching a momentous occasion on Chase The Chuckwagon.
Mike Kennedy

Not content with just a video game auction site, Mike branched out and, for a short time, ran a similar site which would sell anything that people wanted to sell, apart from video games of course.

It was evident early on that our members were looking for another venue to sell things other than Video Games.
Mike Kennedy

You can read all about Mike’s various auction site and his other ventures in the book “Smoke And Mirrors” of course.


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