Thursday Quotes

Mike was called out several times as his once squeaky clean reputation began to unravel and things took a darker turn.

Was Mike just absent minded or was he malicious?

As Mike registered LLC after LLC and asked people to contribute work, some questioned him and whether his new projects were all under the same umbrella or if they were outside interests that they had no part of.

Foolishly, Mike sent out a tweet to the followers of Retro magazine, but he failed to realise that he was logged into the wrong Twitter account, one that he had not told anybody at Retro about.

Mark Kaminski saw the tweet and questioned an evasive Mike about it.

I’m interested in Retro Action Entertainment and why they are tweeting to our twitter followers how to subscribe to our magazine? Am I missing some information here?
Mark Kaminski

Mike was also questioned by Scott Schreiber, an investor and share owner, as well as a co-host on Retro Gaming Roundup, about the fact that he was no longer involved in the console team, as Mike had inadvertently let slip that he had a new hardware team. Mikee attempted to explain that those early calls and discussions about the console were nothing more than some loose discussions and that nothing was produced from them.

Scott saw it very differently:

That is the foundation and formation of the idea, right? That would be like Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in the garage and all of a sudden he’s across town building something. You’ve got to define that stuff, right?
Scott Schreiber

Of course, despite several requests, Mike defined nothing, choosing instead to avoid the issue.

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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.