Thursday Quotes

The console idea was discussed with Mike’s podcast co-hosts and some industry veterans before Mike stole away the idea from under them.

Part of the Mike Kennedy business model ‎was to bring people into a project until he felt that he had enough information from them to phase them out and bring somebody new in.

This would negate his need to pay people and involve them in any success, should it ever happen.

The initial calls involved six or seven people who were full of ideas and visions of what the console should be, but Mike would phase out those that he no longer needed and continue without them, failing to call them back at the agreed time for the next meeting.

His view of the initial console discussions is :

The idea pretty much stalled out at that moment as no one thought it was a good idea. That was until E3 2013 where I started to see all these retro indie titles come to life on the main stream consoles. Then I brought it back to life with Steve Woita and he and I went to find an engineering partner.
Mike Kennedy

The idea did not stall out, as he puts it, it continued without those he wanted to cut out of the project.

Mike chooses words carefully when he needs to and describes the continuation of the project as follows:

Somehow Steve Woita got involved and Steve and I have been kind of continuing on that conversation since we talked about it.
Mike Kennedy

Somehow Steve Woita got involved? That “somehow” is that Mike contacted him and involved him but his explanation attempts to distance himself from that process, a pattern that we will see repeats in the future.

You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course, and don’t forget to also check out our series of Monday Memes.