Thursday Quotes

We’ve seen that Mike was spreading himself too thinly across his many projects as he tried to “corner the market on retro.”

He was also looking start even more projects while his current ones struggled.

Mike would pluck ideas out of the ether and write press announcements, before the idea was even considered worthy of merit. As he lacked the ability to bring these ideas to fruition, he asked others to help, even though were already overloaded with work and, in some cases, doing his job for him.

He would ask Mark Kaminski to design logos for him and his new projects, and when Mark asked about payment or if the project was a part of Retro magazine, Mike would have Tricia do the logo instead.

Brilliant thought process. Seriously, I was trying to run a magazine, get strategic partnerships, wrangle our EIC (Editor in Chief) that was always MIA (Missing In Action), and handle customer service while he was busy thinking about the “next big thing.”
Mark Kaminski


OMG do you need some ADHD medicine or are you puffin on a meth pipe over there?
Mark Kaminski

This constant stream of ideas and new projects meant that he did not follow up on emails that were critical to the success of Retro magazine and there was severe miscommunication with stores that would hopefully stock it.

We took a bath on Issue 1 and maybe a thousand issues went unpaid for.
Mark Kaminski

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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.