Thursday Quotes

Three quotes this week, all relating to Mike’s lack of commitment while organising Classic Gaming Expo 2014.

The hosts of Retro Gaming Roundup were running Classic Gaming Expo 2014 and Mike was one of the three managers. His particular department was vendors and he would be responsibile for recruiting and liaising with any vendor who wanted to attend the show.

Of course he was already busy with his various side projects and the cracks were starting to appear as he mismanaged them all.

As things were ramping up for the show and Scott was looking for an updated list of vendors, Mike went AWOL.

And by left, he means left CGE in the lurch with no progress on vendors. Any idea how long he is gone for or where he went?
Scott Schreiber

Mike had gone camping, as he liked to do during big events in his businesses, the launch of Retro magazine Issue 1 for example. Meanwhile, there was no information on vendor numbers.

Check out the nice vendor updates that the vendor manager is sending! No wait, he doesn’t even have a written list of vendors,… Kind of like the kid who shows up to class with no paper or pencil.
Scott Schreiber

Even during the show, Mike would also neglect his duties and would not miss an opportunity to promote his magazine and do interviews in his booth. Friday was his day to man the registration desk but he would continually disappear.

Every time I went by the front desk he was nowhere to be found and he was right back in his booth. He had no level of commitment whatsoever.
Scott Schreiber

You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course and don’t forget to also check out our series of Monday Memes.