Thursday Quotes

Mike was stretching himself too thinly among his many projects and there were simply not enough hours in the day. Something had to give.

We will look at the consequences of Mike’s workload, real or imagined, and how it affected others working with him, but it had not gone unnoticed that Mike was full of ideas but not very good at putting those ideas into practise.

Keep in mind, Mike was unavailable or not allowed to talk business after 5pm PST weekdays and generally unavailable on weekends because it was wine tasting time or dog grooming day. Mike liked to position himself as a serial entrepreneur. I’ve never known an entrepreneur that put in so little time and resources.
Mark Kaminski

His co-hosts knew that it would only be a matter of time before Mike’s whole empire blew up in his face as he didn’t possess the skills to run things properly. They weren’t sure if the real SoCal Mike would ever return though.

When Retro crashes and GameGavel is back to mediocrity does he go back to being as valuable/reliable as he was in the past (back when it was amusing and not detrimental) or does he roll over for the next whiff of success?
Scott Schreiber

Already they were planning behind the scenes for what to do if and when Mike left the podcast and we will get to that later..

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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.