Thursday Quotes

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Retro Magazine was the first sign of trouble, and it wasn’t long after its inception that Mike was confronted by his co-hosts.

During the build up to the launch of Retro Magazine and its crowd funding on Kickstarter, Mike was promising all kinds of things to Scott and UKMike, and outlining what their involvement would be.

It was going to be the magazine of the podcast and they would own it and decide what would be in it. During this phase, Mike was also using the podcast, Retro Gaming Roundup, to heavily promote it, as well as his usual promotion of GameGavel of course.

When Issue 1 of Retro hit the shelves, it was clear that Mike had not delivered any of the things that he had been promising, and the podcast was barely mentioned at all.

Mike made excuse after excuse and tried to use his sales patter to talk his way out of the situation of his own making, but his excuses fell on deaf ears.

This isn’t a matter of diplomacy or explaining it the right way, the shabby treatment of RGR after years of it backing these ventures is just wrong. Its SoCal’s domain to run Retro as he sees fit, but on a personal note I would have no enthusiasm for RGR supporting any other ventures from that group.
Scott Schreiber

From now on, any promotion of Retro Magazine or GameGavel was removed from the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast and social media feeds unless there was a reciprocal promotion in return, which there seldom was.

Mike was now caught between a rock and a hard place as he was getting heat from Scott and UKMike about the absence of the podcast from the magazine, and heat from the magazine staff who did not want to include it.

UKMike had this advice for Mike who was breaking out in hives from the stress.

If your involvement with the Podcast causes a problem for yourself or your company, then you have a decision to make, and I think we all know which way you would go. I want to make it very clear that I categorically do not want that to happen as I think the three of us do a bang up job together, but it is ultimately your decision.
Mike James

Mike’s eventual decision was to leave the podcast and pursue his aim of cornering the market on retro.

You can read all about how that turned out in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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