Thursday Quotes

The first iteration of Retro Magazine (then named GameGavel Monthly) was little more than a pamphlet created in Microsoft Word and made available for download but Mike was enthusiastic about it.

Mike saw great potential in bringing Steve’s magazine idea to fruition and as Steve, and later David Giltinan, were putting it together, Mike was talking it up and was eager to get it out there. Distribution for a digital download would be easy as well.

This is a great model because we create one magazine each month and can sell it to thousands of gamers with no incremental costs and it’s transmitted digitally.
Mike Kennedy

The first issue was uploaded, made available for sale and they did sell a few copies of it for $2 each. One of the early buyers was Mark Kaminski who saw it and immediately reached out to Mike, offering advice.

Pull it down or make it free for now, don’t charge for this yet. Once bitten twice shy! No offense but this NEEDS my help. Let me lay it out and send it back to you this weekend.
Mark Kaminski

Mark thought it was a good idea but it was poorly executed, a fact that Steve would willingly admit, and Mike was only too happy to get some further input on what they were creating.

In fact, Mark would become one of the mainstays of what would turn into Retro magazine while Steve would be moved aside and cut out of any involvement by Mike.

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You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.