Thursday Quotes

It wasn’t always a rocky road for Scott, UKMike and Mike Kennedy, in the early days they had a great time recording their podcast and throwing each other under the bus.

The three of them (with more than a little help) made a video game for the Atari VCS called CGE Adventures, which is based on their experience at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo, where a show attendee stole a stack of Promo CDs from their booth.

Mike Kennedy had the following to say in the game’s manual:

I want to thank my Retro Gaming Roundup Co-Hosts, UKMike and Scott – There are no two other people I would want to share an Atari 2600 game with!
Mike Kennedy

They were creative when it came to ways to prank Mike Kennedy as well, one such example was flying UKMike in to Las Vegas unannounced for Classic Gaming Expo 2012 and have him surprise Mike Kennedy while hiding in the Hotel bathroom. It seemed that everyone was in on the joke except Mike Kennedy. The video of the incident can be viewed here.

UKMike talks of eating dinner at the Hofbrauhaus later while sitting opposite Mike Kennedy who still could not believe that he had been pranked to such a degree.

To see his face change each time he looked at me, it was as though he was recognizing me all over again. He simply could not believe that I was there and that “everybody” knew but him.
Mike James


You can read the full story in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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