The T series Lifebooks are 12

Grasp is great vs bruisers and melee champions, electocute is really good vs squishy laners (your damage early game will be stupid, take advantage of it), aftershock is good but I usually use the other two more, and spellbook is obviously excellent. Gragas top isn really a carry and your abilities are good for split pushing but team fighting is where you will excel. Try to use TP bot and make plays happen, just help ur team whenever you can since gragas is such a good team fight champ..

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I exclusively mentioned the republican party because that has long been the party for Christians. I am upset at their equivocation with Jesus Christ and the republican party. They seem to think that being a Christian and passionately supporting the immoral Trump are interchangeable and that is dangerous to beleive! The democrats never have viewed themselves as the Christian party.

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