The results are what matter in the end

Anyways the one month prior of studying is definitely recommended. Also before the pre work they want you to complete the JavaScript codecademy portion. That might take 8 10 hours.. Eh. You might. You might not. I see streamers melting bosses but my off meta build (freeze pulse) is only hitting 35k in act 10 and the boss fights are a brutal slog. I feel extra punished for playing off meta when the bosses hit like trucks (lol evasion) and my build takes several minutes to kill one. Idk maybe I’ll reroll to zombies again or something.

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This genre didn just pop up a few years ago on youtube and it didn completely come from anime. As u/litejzze says below it rooted in jazz, funk and hip hop. When DJ started becoming popular trip hop and lofi was right there cutting up beats and samples.

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