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JULY 5 2023
Paul from the Intellivisionaries Podcast recently interviewed me for their show.
You can check out the interview in their Episode 46.
The interview begins around the 1h 46m mark.

While you're there, subscribe to them as well.
Enjoy the interview!

OCTOBER 19 2022
You can now buy Smoke and Mirrors on Amazon and other online stores.
This also means that the Hardback version is available once again.

In the coming days it will be available for next day delivery via Amazon prime.
Enjoy your purchase!

UK Store
US Store
DE Store

MARCH 25 2022
The Snowed In Game Bundle ended on February 20th and sold an amazing 504 bundles.

Thank you to all those that purchased the bundle at whatever level, raising over $300 for charity in the process.
Enjoy your purchase!

JANUARYS 26 2022
Smoke And Mirrors is currently available via Humble Bundle.

The Snowed In Game Bundle - Curated by David L. Craddock
9 books to read from under the comfort of your coziest blanket and with a mug of hot cocoa in hand.

StoryBundle is a pay-what-you-want platform for independent authors to share their works with readers (and gamers) like you.
Paying at least $5 will get you three books from the Snowed In Game Bundle
  • Inside Video Game Creation by Todd Mitchell
  • Smoke and Mirrors - The Rise and Fall of a Serial Antipreneur by Mike James
  • The Black Book of Animal Crossing New Horizons: Second Edition by John Harris
If you pay at least the bonus price of just $15, you get all three of the regular books, plus SIX more books, for a total of 9, including three StoryBundle-exclusives not found anywhere else!
  • The Unofficial Guide to Shin Megami Tensei and Persona by Kurt Kalata
  • We Love Atari Games: Part 1 by John Harris (StoryBundle Exclusive)
  • GameDev Stories: Volume 5 by David L. Craddock (StoryBundle Exclusive)
  • Monsters in the Dark: The Making of X-COM by David L. Craddock (StoryBundle Exclusive)
  • Boss Fight Books: Nightmare Mode by Gabe Durham and Michael P. Williams
  • Boss Fight Books: Silent Hill 2 by Mike Drucker
Grab yourself a collection of great gaming books for a great price.

AUGUST 23 2021
Here are some of the many worldwide locations that we have shipped books and merchandise to:
Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Taiwan, USA and Wales.

MAY 7 2021
All Kickstarter rewards have been shipped so Paperback books are now available for purchase in our Store.
There is a very limited stock of Hardback books remaining from the current print run so be sure to grab yours quickly!
There will be more Hardbacks available in the future once the gaming Expo circuit gets back up to speed.

APRIL 18 2021
Good news for those still awaiting receipt of their paperback books.
As the following image shows, the final batch of books are ready for shipping.

I am told by my overseas shipping department that they will hopefully go out by mid week, but Friday at the latest.
Hopefully you will receive them by very early next week if not before.
Apologies for the delay in getting the last batches out but I promise you it will be worth the wait.
Thank you for your continued support and patience.

MARCH 25 2021
There is a limited number of Hardback Books for sale on the Store which are left over from the first print run.

There will be print runs in the future, so if you miss out, use the Register Interest button and you will get first refusal on the next batch.

MARCH 20 2021
Matt Brown proudly shows his copy of the book during his Fuzzy Nonsense 2000 performance on the weekly British IBM Live Stream.
Thanks to Matt for this surprise and to Aidy for his weekly Live Streams.
Click for image

MARCH 1 2021
The Paperback books for the UK and Europe have been shipped and are arriving in backers' hands.
Books for the USA and the rest of the world are going out this week.
Pic 1    Pic 2    Pic 3    Pic 4

The books for the US and Canada have arrived and will be shipped out over the coming days.
Here is the proof!
Pic 1    Pic 2    Pic 3

Check out the song written and performed by Mike James - "Simple As That"
The song was played on a Nintendo DS using the game Jam Sessions and the video premiered on Twitch during The British IBM's Acoustic Antics live stream on February 5th 2021.
Watch the video here.

JANUARY 26 2021
I need your postal address!!

I know that lots of you have downloaded and enjoyed your digital books, if you have still not downloaded them yet, log into Kickstarter and check your messages which will contain the information you need.
The proofs for the physical books have been approved and the printers are currently working on the paperback versions.
The hardback versions have been delayed due to COVID at the printers and I apologise for that but it is beyond my control. Rest assured, they will be worth the wait.
In order for me to send out your physical books when they arrive, I need you to provide me with a postal address if you have not already done so.
If your address is likely to change in the next few weeks, I would suggest that you send me your new address only when it is applicable so that your book does not get lost.
Finally, don't forget to send me your book reviews so I can publish them on our reviews page.

JANUARY 24 2021
Join me as a guest on The British IBM Live Stream on Friday January 29th at 14:00 EST.
There will be a live acoustic set from Aidy first and then around 15:00 EST Aidy will be grilling me about Smoke And Mirrors.
The Twitch link is here.
See you there.

JANUARY 20 2021
My webhost has received a complaint about various parts of the website and the complainant has asked that certain parts of it be removed.

JANUARY 16 2021
You may have noticed already, but I have added some more images, audio clips and videos to the blog page.
Make sure you check them out.

JANUARY 5 2021
I know that lots of people have downloaded their digital books and some have even read it all and given great feedback.
I've also noticed that a lot of you have not yet used your discount codes and downloaded it.
If you missed the e-mail earlier, log into Kickstarter and check your messages, the download information will be there for you to get your copy of the book.

JANUARY 1 2021
Happy New Year to all
We can start the year off with some good news!
It's been a busy week at James Towers but I have finally completed the manuscript and it is now ready for the digital versions to go out.
That will likely happen tomorrow so keep checking your e-mails for the download link.
You should have access to a PDF, EPUB and MOBI version so you can read it on the device of your choosing.
Print versions are expected to take a few weeks and I will update you when I have further news of those.
The competition that I held for a bonus hardback version has been won by Ben Jones with his guess of 173,000 words, the final count being 185,708.
Ben wasn't the closest, but he was the closest without going over, as the rules stipulated, so well done to Ben Jones.
The competition results are posted on the Kickstarter page of our website.
If you would like to send a review of the book I will create a review page on our website and include them there.
Thank you again for your support with this project, it has been a long time in the making but I believe it was worth it, and I think you will too.

DECEMBER 23 2020
It's been a longer wait than anticipated but the legal process is now complete and I can get to finalising the manuscript for publishing.
As soon as this is done the digital books will be processed and you will receive instructions on where to get them.
I was hoping to have this done before Christmas but that will now obviously not be the case.
After the break I will get to work on it and I hope to have this done before 2020 is out so that we can at least have a good end to a bad year.
I can't guarantee that at this stage but I really want you to have the book as soon as possible and I will try to make that happen.
Enjoy the festivities and keep checking your emails.

DECEMBER 13 2020
I was hoping to have more news for this update but felt that you all deserved an update anyway.
The legal process is not yet complete. I don't know if it is because it is more complicated than anticipated or if the lawyer is being typically slow.
I have a catch up call tomorrow and I hope to find out then.
Once the legal process is complete I can get to finalising the manuscript for publishing and I am still confident that if that happens this week I can still get the digital copies out in December.
The paperback and hardback books will be printed and sent out in due course, some time in January or February, depending on the printer's turnaround time at the point of ordering.
The motherboards, canvas prints and T-Shirts have already been despatched so they should be arriving over the coming days.
In the meantime you can check out the interview I did with Jon from GenX Grownup on Youtube.
It was a fun interview to do and I would like to thank Jon for taking the time to do it.

Keep an eye on your emails for your digital downloads and a request for information so that books can be posted out.

DECEMBER 10 2020
Our website came under attack and the exploit used to compromise it was via Wordpress.
As this was not the first time, I decided to uninstall Wordpress and remodel the site.

NOVEMBER 22 2020
Recent Interview
The legal process is in motion so I am just waiting for the results of that.
In the meantime, have a listen to a recent interview that I did with The Gaming Hipster, TV's Mr Neil.
Check his show out and tell him that I sent you.

NOVEMBER 13 2020
It's been a busy week since being funded and there is a new page on our website with a summary of the Kickstarter campaign information. You will also see the list of backers who pledged enough to be named there as a reward.
There is also a new Store page with some upcoming products but the store function is not active yet as our products and pricing are yet to be finalised. We will also not be selliing any products until all of the Kickstarter backers have received their pledge rewards.
Speaking of pledge rewards, which I was, I have processed the legal documentation and the legal team will be getting to work at their earliest convenience so that I can then finalise the manuscript for the digital and physical books.
I have also contacted several backers who need to provide me with their postal address so that I can send out the Chameleon Motherboards, the T-Shirts and the canvas prints.
The Motherboards are ready to be sent, the canvases will be arriving at Simon Butler's house today so that he can sign them. Unfortunately as the UK is currently in lockdown I will not be able to collect them just yet but I have already despatched 3 T-Shirts and I am awaiting contact details for the other T-Shirt deliveries.
If you are due to receive any of these physical products, please see the e-mail you should have received, and as soon as you provide the information required, I can send out your pledge rewards. If you do not have an e-mail from me and you are due to receive a Motherboard, a T-Shirt or a canvas print, please let me know at and I will follow up.
This week we got a mention on the latest Kickscammers video from Slope's Game Room and I recorded an interview with Neil, The Gaming Hipster, and that interview will be available in around a week's time. Check out The Gaming Hipster podcast and if you subscribe, you will get the interview as soon as it is released.

We have reached the end of the campaign and it has been easily funded, and then some. For that, you all deserve a pat on the back.
Now I can get to work on finalising the manuscript for publishing and get the book, in whichever format you chose, to you ASAP.
I want to repeat my thanks to you in making this book a reality and I will be in touch in the coming days so that we can start fulfilling the pledge rewards.
Please keep a lookout for these messages so there is a minimal delay in getting your rewards out to you.
This campaign has shown that there is a demand for this book and I would like to publicly thank everybody who has helped me to spread the word and promote it.
      Retro Gaming Roundup
      Old School Gamer Magazine
      CU Podcast
      Hungry Trilobyte Podcast
      Retro Format Magazine
      Slope's Game Room
      Revival Retro Events
      Ten Pence Arcade Podcast
      The British IBM
      Simon Butler
      The Gaming Hipster
      Arcade USA
      Chris Leathco
      Video Masters TV
      Blast Annual
Apologies if I have missed anyone out. It is either because I am forgetful or because you didn't help.
That's it for now. I will be in touch soon.

You did it!
You got us to our final Stretch Goal of £4,300 with time to spare.
Entries are coming in for the chance to win a hardback copy of the book, so if you haven't entered yet, make sure you do so.
I'm proud of all the backers and of myself too for having a 100% record on Kickstarter.
Thank you for your support with this project.

OCTOBER 30 2020
Thank you for your support so far, and in order to continue the excitement of watching the counter go up, I am adding a final Stretch Goal of £4,300. If we reach that goal, I will upgrade 1 lucky backer to a hardback version of the book.
We may never produce a hardback version in the future so this could be your only chance of getting one.
To decide which backer gets upgraded to a hardback version, there will be a competition!
To enter, you must guess the word count of the final manuscript, without going over, and e-mail your guess to me at, including your name in the e-mail.
For clarity I will publish the final word count and the 3 closest guesses on the website.
Entering the competition assumes that you accept your name may be made public. Cos, GDPR.
Good Luck!

OCTOBER 29 2020
It's Stretch Goal Thursday!
Thank you and well done to everyone who has pledged any amount and particularly to those who have increased their £10 pledge to £15 to qualify for the paperback book.
I have now added the tier of £15 for any newcomers to receive both digital and paperback books without having to change the amount of their pledge.
You're welcome.
Is it time to roll out a stretch goal of £4,000 with still a week to go?

OCTOBER 27 2020
It's time for an update as we approach our Stretch Goal of £3,500 for a physical paperback book.
The response has been great so far with many £10 backers increasing their pledges to £15 or more so that they will receive both a digital and a paperback book. We just need a push to cross that £3,500 barrier.
Please share the Kickstarter campaign with your family, friends, fellow gamers, social circles and social media followers. Your influence may be the difference between failure and success in reaching the Stretch Goal.
If you haven't yet increased your £10 pledge to £15 or more and would like a paperback book to show for it, please do so ASAP and help to make it a reality for those who have already done so.
If your significant other is a fan of video games, trust me, they will get a lot from reading this book. Why not treat them? Sharing is caring.

In the meantime, as we near our goal, if you are looking for some retro themed reading material, check out Retro Format Magazine.
They ran an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign for their magazine, with over 400 backers pledging over £20,000 and they currently have another successful campaign running for their Retro Annual 2020, following on from the successes of their 2018 and 2019 Annuals and have a total of 12 successful campaigns under their belts.
You can check out their website at and please also back their current Annual.
Retro Annual 2020 covers new games for old computers and consoles from the early 1970s right up to the early 2000s, such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Sega, Nintendo, Atari and more. This annual will be an expansion of Eight Bit and Retro Format magazines, with more in-depth articles. It will have interviews with the people involved in retro gaming and reviews of retro hardware, games and more. The annual will be printed to a high standard, with good quality paper. It will be A4 in size with a strong hardback cover.
Many new games for old hardware reviewed and rated.
Exclusive interviews with the people behind the games plus more!
All new never seen before content covering computers such as the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-Bit range, Amiga, Atari-ST and consoles from Sega, NEC, Nintendo and Atari.
Check them out and keep sharing Smoke And Mirrors and help us to bring you a physical product to put on your book shelves.

OCTOBER 21 2020
Smoke And Mirrors Discussion on Retro Gaming Roundup

RoundUp 160

Listen Now

OCTOBER 20 2020
Thank you for your incredible support so far with this Kickstarter campaign.
As you are no doubt aware, we were successfully funded in under 2 days which is amazing and it's down to you!
Due to demand we are now adding an option to purchase a physical copy of the book, but to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the top tier hardback version, we will be adding a paperback version.
The stretch goal for this will be £3,500 and if we reach it, we will unlock a tier at £15 for a physical paperback book.
This means that any new backer who pledges £15 or more, or any existing backer who increases their pledge to £15 or more at any tier, will automatically qualify and will receive their paperback book, along with any other perks that they unlock.
e.g. If you have pledged £10 for a digital book and increase your pledge to £15, you will receive a digital version and a paperback version.
Thank you for your ongoing support! Let's push to reach that goal and put a physical book in your hands.

OCTOBER 8 2020
What a great second day, and it isn't even over yet!!
With your help the project has funded in less than two days so I would like to express my gratitude for that amazing feat and say well done to you all.
As you may be aware, I have had lots of requests for a physical copy of the book so it may be time to add some stretch goals and see if we can achieve that. It was always the longer term plan to make physical copies of the book to sign and sell at Expos but now might be a great time to do it.
Obviously I need to maintain the value and exclusivity of the top tier limited run first edition hardback version, so I could only, in good faith, and in fairness to any backers at that level, make a paperback version for the time being.
A hardback version could follow later but without the super duper gold cover and low serial number. :) Once again, thank you, and keep telling your family and friends. I don't see them here yet.

OCTOBER 7 2020
Thank you for your great support with this project and for getting us off to a great start.
It seems I have to buy at least one dinner but that's OK, I have great table manners.
If things keep going like this, I may have to bring out the Stretch Goals!
Please help keep the momentum going by sharing the project with your friends and family.

OCTOBER 6 2020
I have launched our Crowd Funding Campaign on Kickstarter.

OCTOBER 6 2020
Smoke And Mirrors Promotion on Retro Gaming Roundup

RoundUp 159b

Listen Now

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