Monday Meme

As the story unfolded, keeping up with developments became obsessive viewing for some.

As Mike went into promotion and publicity overdrive, he talked about new features that his game console would have, games that would available on it and the names of Developers that were going to make games for it, many of whom later denied having any involvement or contact. In the case of Konami, Mike had been specifically asked by them not to mention them, yet he continued to do so in announcements and interviews.

The speed with which the thread at AtariAge grew was incredible, as members questioned whether Mike was scamming people or being scammed himself.

Once again, the memes followed as members refreshed the page to get the latest updates while questioning Mike’s intentions.


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You can read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

Our Monday Memes come from various places, but mainly from Atari Age.