Monday Meme

As Mike went into Console promotion frenzy, he tried to build enthusiasm among the collector community.

The console idea was a tough sell, as its games would be mostly available elsewhere via digital download on Steam or similar online market places. That meant that they could go away at some point, which Mike pointed out, but it also meant that they could be played much more cheaply than buying them on a cartridge for his system.

Realising this, he tried to make the games and the console more collectable with talk of making them available in different colours and with early adopters being able to buy the games with low serial numbers.

Of course, the meme stream caught on pretty quickly.

This debate would never go away and Mike was desparate to get some console exclusive games that wouldn’t be available anywhere else.

For that to happen, he would have to selll consoles in hhuge number to entice developers to restrict themselves and their game to the platform.


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You can read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.


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