Monday Meme

The Retro VGS and Coleco Chameleon were going to be housed inside the Atari Jaguar shell, for which Mike Kennedy had bought the molds in January of 2015, spendin $6,000 on them.

Some questioned the wisdom of that decision.

Mike claimed that his purchase of the Jaguar molds would save him as much as half a million dollars, in development costs, in fact it would not save him anywhere near that much, if anything.

Working with the shell also gave his engineers the problem of having to design a circuit board that would work within its constraints.

The sensible way to design the console would have been to design the circuit board and then have a case fabricated around it, but as far as Mike was concerned, he had the case and he was halfway to having a completed console.

The Atari Jaguar was of course a failure as a system, as we saw previously, and many questioned Mike’s sanity in bringing it back to life, albeit with new internals. any new system using that shell would beforever associated with it as a commercial failure.

The memes pointed that out of course.

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