Atari Jaguar Molds

Mike bought the original molds that were used for the Atari Jaguar to house his own game console.

To buy them he personally loaned $6,000 to GameGavel, but they didn’t stay in the company for long.

The Atari Jaguar (image) was launched in 1993 in the USA and 1994 in Europe. It had a relatively short retail life, being available until just 1996 and was considered a flop. Priced at 249.99 USD and 299.99 GBP, it sold around 250,000 units, and a lack of interest meant that it received just fifty licensed games, with an additional thirteen supporting its add-on CD unit, the Jaguar CD.

It was billed by Atari as being the first 64-bit console but cheated slightly by running two 32-bit processors. It was their sixth console and it had a very distinctive look, a look that came courtesy of the mold used to produce its shell.

Once Atari no longer wanted the molds, they sold them to a manufacturer of dental equipment called Imagin Systems who modified them slightly and used them to create a shell for their HotRod camera, using the game cartridge molds to house a memory expansion card. Atari had signed away their rights to the molds in the sale, and once Imagin no longer needed them, they sat in a warehouse until December of 2014, when they were bought by Mike Kennedy.

Mike did a production run of shells to sell to collectors which helped him recoup the money he had spent on them but he did not use that money to pay back the company he had used to buy them. Instead, he used the money to prop up his magazine which was leaking money like it was going out of fashion.

His plan was to use the newly manufactured shells to house his video game console, the Retro VGS and later the Coleco Chameleon. Sadly it did not come to pass and the molds are now owned by Albert Yarusso, the founder of the AtariAge website.

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