Smoke and Mirrors:


Two Years of research, interviews, and behind-the-scenes accounts of the story that lead to the creation of the Coleco Chameleon, considered one of the biggest scams in video game history.


You may think you’ve heard it all until you read this book. Never before released interviews and details on the story behind the video gaming villain, Mike Kennedy.


Join Mike on his journey from hobby gamer to C.E.O. and back again and experience his highs and lows along the way.


Mike James, born in 1970 first experienced gaming in the form of the British Prestel Machine (Press Telephone) in the late 70s. Next came the generic “Pong” machine from Binatone with an amazing 3 games on it, Tennis (Pong), Football and Squash. Basically using a long stick to hit a square ball but man the hours put into that thing!

Published author and co-founder and co-host of the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast since 2009.


"There's something very suspicious about this crowdfunded retro games console named after the Colecovision."

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Thursday Quotes

Retro Magazine was the first sign for Mike’s Retro Gaming Roundup co-hosts that there may be problems ahead.

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Monday Meme

As Mike went into Console promotion frenzy, he tried to build enthusiasm among the collector community.

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Thursday Quotes

As it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought we could be slightly wistful, with maybe a romantic air.

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Thursday Quotes

Steve Sawyer returns this week to show the strength of feeling he had towards the project that Mike stole from under him.

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Monday Meme

The Retro VGS and Coleco Chameleon were going to be housed inside the Atari Jaguar shell, for which Mike Kennedy had bought the molds in January of 2015, spendin $6,000 on them.

Some questioned the wisdom of that decision.

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Gulf Stream in Year 3

Here Mike makes a bold claim in a never before heard clip from the Retro Gaming Roundup archives.

Before even a single cent had passed through the non-existent company Parcel Gamer, Mike was already spending his millions.

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You can read all about it in the book Smoke And Mirrors of course.

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